Malene Sølvsten

Malene Sølvsten (1977) is a Danish fantasy author. Her debut novel Ravnenes hvisken 1
(“The Whisper of the Ravens”) was published in 2016, with the second book in the series released the year after. In 2018 the third and last book in the trilogy will be released along with the spin-off Verden styrter (“Falling world”). The first book in the series was published in Iceland in 2017 and is called Hvísl hrafnanna.

The novels tell the life of a teenage girl, Anne, who grows up in a small Danish city in the north of Jutland. Anne soon learns that the world is populated by Norse gods, witches, giants and other supernatural beings. Anne is also being chased by a vicious killer, and only her two friends Mathias and Luna, the giant dog Monster and the handsome Varnar stand between her and her assassin. The series draws inspiration from the Iron Age in Scandinavia and the poems from the Elder Edda.

Malene Sølvsten has a peculiar CV. She has as Master Degree in international economics and has worked in The Agency for Digitalisation (an agency within the Ministry of Finance) for several years. Before that she studied to become a midwife. She has also been an art painter and made special effects for film. Now she is a full-time fantasy author.  She was born and grew up in the northern part of Denmark, and now lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their son.